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15 December 2010 @ 01:31 pm
Fic for hakkais_shadow  
Title: Ambassador Ddangkkoma
For: hakkais_shadow
Pairing: Geng/Yesung
Rating: PG
Summary: When Geng left, Yesung gave him a surprise gift.
Author’s Notes: the prompt was: "you put what where." Standard disclaimer applies.

Yesung could see the signs, although he didn't say anything to anyone else. Supposedly he didn't notice anything, but then... he'd always had a sixth sense when it came to Han Geng.

Geng, on the other hand, seemed able to tell that Yesung knew something, and Yesung often caught the Chinese dancer watching him. He generally offered a smile - no one ever accused him of being inscrutable, and for good reason - until Geng looked away again, which usually happened pretty quickly.

KyuHyun caught on first. Or, at least, said something first.

"What's going on?" he demanded of Yesung one afternoon. They had a KRY rehearsal (misnamed now with the addition of DongHae and SungMin), and Yesung had stepped out to find something to drink. KyuHyun followed.

"Going on?" Yesung repeated.

"Between you and Geng-ge," KyuHyun elaborated. Yesung wondered if KyuHyun even noticed he'd used the honorific in the wrong language.

"Not as much as I'd wish," Yesung said. KyuHyun stared at him. "Which means nothing, dork. Nothing is going on." He stopped in front of the vending machine and looked over his choices while he got his money out.

"He keeps looking at you like you know something."

Yesung glared at him. "You don't think I know something?" he demanded. He selected what he wanted and got it out before KyuHyun recovered.

"That's not what I meant, hyung," KyuHyun protested, and followed Yesung back to the studio in silence.

Yesung counted that a victory.

The announcement to the group that Han Geng had decided to leave them sent most of them into a tizzy. Yesung had already done that, so he didn't really react. Besides. He'd already acted. Another victory.

Geng hadn't missed that Yesung had guessed what he'd been thinking about. He sat in the airport on the way back home, trying to figure out what he'd done that Yesung, of all the group, would have noticed.

His phone rang and out of habit he checked the caller ID. Yesung, of course. He was probably the only one able to call. He hesitated, and then answered it because he was curious. "Hello?"

"Hyung, um.... So you don't freak out, I put DdangKkoma in your carry-on."

Geng tried to make sense of that. "You put what where?" he demanded when that didn't work.

"DdangKkoma," Yesung repeated. "In your carry-on. There's food for him in your luggage."

"Yesungie," Geng said, to stop the flow of words. "Why?"

"So you don't get lonely. So you don't forget... us."

Geng blinked at the pause. Us? He really meant all of them? "I need to get him back to you."

"Yes," Yesung said, and Geng heard a tone in his voice he almost understood. "Next time we see each other."

"I don't know when that will be," Geng said.

"Take care of him. Take care of yourself."

The beep told him Yesung had cut the connection. Geng stared in some surprise at his phone, then sighed and put it back in his pocket. He knew Yesung well enough to know that calling him back would be pointless. When he got home he'd call Kyu....

Well, no, he wouldn't.

When the girl at the gate counter called his flight, he still hadn't figured out what he'd do next, aside from setting up a terrarium for the turtle he'd inherited.

Geng knew Yesung would be in China again; the announcements had already been made about the third Super Show. But the chances he'd get to actually see his friends and former group mates were pretty small.

He'd set up the terrarium before he remembered that he had a common friend with Mi. Neither of them knew him well, but he might be willing to be a go-between for him, and Mi at least was allowed to talk to Yesung. It was worth at least asking, if nothing else. And... yes, there was nothing keeping him from commenting on Yesung's Cyworld. As long as no one else knew.

Yesung didn't know who he missed more, Geng or Ddangkkoma. At least he had 9 (10?) other members to help with that, and two other turtles, but it wasn't quite the same. Ddangkkoma, of course, he knew why... well, he knew why with Geng, too, although he never said anything to anyone else. It wouldn't have helped and, considering how KyuHyun watched him now, would only make it worse.

The comment on his Cyworld shortly after he put an entry about the musical he'd decided to do stumped him for a few seconds. "Your ambassador is comfortable and happy," it said.

"My ambassador?" Yesung repeated, staring at the screen. Then his eyes widened and he grinned. "Ah, good. Ddangkkoma is doing his job."

"What job is that?" KyuHyun asked, and Yesung turned to look at him, trying not to appear nervous and hoping the magnae hadn't or wouldn't read his screen.

"Keeping someone else company," Yesung said, and closed the laptop as he got up. "What are you doing sneaking in here?"

"I'm not sneaking. Who is Ddangkkoma keeping company?"

"You didn't knock, so yes, you are," Yesung retorted, folding his arms and glaring at KyuHyun.

"It wouldn't be Geng-hyung, would it?" KyuHyun asked.

Yesung blinked, trying to hide how startled it made him, and failing - if KyuHyun's smile were any indication.

"So it is him," KyuHyun said, far too pleased for Yesung's liking. "Why?"

Yesung sighed. "It's really none of your business," he said, letting his hands fall back to his side. "Sorry, Hyun-ah, but it's not."

KyuHyun's brow furrowed, as if he didn't know exactly how to respond to that. "Hyung," he started, carefully, "what are you going to do now that he's gone?"

Yesung shrugged, something he'd done so often now that it looked casual. "Keep going," he said. "What else should I do? What else can I do?"

KyuHyun stepped back, and gave a wry smile. "What happened to you?"

"I lost two things I loved," Yesung said. "It happens. Life goes on, if a bit... emptier."

"Does he know?"

Yesung shrugged again. "Does it matter? If he hasn't figured it out, it's not like I can tell him now."

KyuHyun sighed, but said nothing else.

Yesung counted that a victory, too.

And the fact that KyuHyun said nothing else to him about that situation made it a little better. At least, he knew he wasn't alone. He never went to talk to him, but at least he knew he could, and even that helped.

"How's Ddangkkoma?"

It had been years. A lot of them. Geng tried not to think about that. But Yesung's voice was still the same. "He's not as small as he used to be, but hasn't quite outgrown his name," he said.

"How are you?"

He found it strange that he could hear the same tone for him as for Ddangkkoma. "I'm good," he said. "Less busy, but more sought after, if that makes sense."

Yesung chuckled. "But healthy?"


"Good." Yesung paused. "Are... you going to come to Korea any time soon?"

Geng's brow furrowed. "I'm not sure. Why?" It surprised him, how much he would miss that turtle.

And then he realized that he wouldn't miss Ddangkkoma so much as the connection to Yesung. It struck him dumb.

"Well, I'd like to see you. And him."

Geng blinked, bringing himself back to the conversation. "Let me check my schedule," he said, getting up to get his calendar. "What does your schedule look like?"

"Completely open," Yesung said. "I'm not really doing a whole lot right now."

Someone started yelling on the street, coming clear through the open window. The words also came through his phone, and he froze. "Yesungie? Where are you?"

Yesung breathed a laugh. "I thought only Americans got louder when you didn't understand them," he said. "Um... If Mi is right, I'm at the front door to your building. If he's not, then I have no idea where I am."

"I'll be right down."

Geng shoved his feet into shoes - definitely his, even if they didn't match - and ran down the one flight of stairs to the first floor. He could see Yesung - looking a little older, but no more than he did himself - standing out on the street, nodding at the man yelling at him. Geng opened the door, spat an invective at the man, and pulled Yesung into the lobby. "What are you doing here?"

Yesung hung up his phone and tucked it into his pocket. "I came to see you," he said. "it's been a very long time, and...."

Geng smiled, and Yesung stopped talking. "Come on up," he said. "Walk or elevator?"

"Either," Yesung said. "I don't care."

There was that odd note again, but Geng didn't think about it, looping his arm through Yesung's. "We'll take the elevator. How long do you plan to stay?" He pressed the call button, and the doors opened.

"I... don't really have any plans," Yesung said as the doors closed behind them. "Like I said, my schedule is open."

The elevator doors opened, and Geng pulled him off and to the door to his apartment. "How long is it open?"

"The next couple of months, although it could be longer, if necessary."

Geng opened the door and toed his mismatched shoes off, watching as Yesung did the same thing. "Where's your luggage?"

"Still at the train station," Yesung said. "In a locker there."

Geng nodded. "Come on in." He went on into the living room, listening to Yesung follow. He gestured for Yesung to sit down, and the younger man did. "Why did you send Ddangkkoma with me?"

"Because I wanted him to keep you company."

Geng thought about that. "Why?"

"After so many of us, how could you go back to just you without feeling a little lonely?" Yesung asked.

Geng leaned forward. "Okay. So, what's the real reason?"

Yesung blinked, and his face flushed. "I didn't want you to forget me."

Geng didn't lean back. "Why did you think I would?"

"I didn't want to take that chance." Yesung didn't take his eyes away from Geng's. "I... I've loved you a very long time," he said after a moment. "I wanted to have the chance to see you again, to explain myself. To find out if this dream is nothing more than imagination."

Geng smiled and leaned back. "So you came to find out."

"SM can't possibly be mad at me now," Yesung said. "Or, if they are, I've got contacts elsewhere to keep doing what I want to. So, your first message was right. He is an ambassador." He abruptly got to his feet. "Can I see him?"

Geng stood up. "Of course."

He led the way into his room, where he'd set up Ddangkkoma's terrarium. Yesung went right over, looking in. "Wow. He is bigger," he said softly. "But I think the other two are bigger than he is." He looked up and smiled. "Thanks for taking such good care of him."

"Are you going to take him back with you?" Geng didn't want to ask, but the turtle was actually Yesung's, on loan.

Yesung regarded him for a moment. "I don't know, yet," he said.

Geng didn't know how to describe how he felt under that intense gaze. "Would you like some dinner?" he asked.

Yesung smiled. "I would, thank you. I've missed your cooking. And your dancing. And...." He stopped. "If I keep going, I'll never stop."

Geng laughed at him and went to get dinner started.

"Where are you, hyung," KyuHyun asked.

Yesung sighed. "I'm at the train station in Shanghai, picking up my luggage. I know you can understand me, I'm not even speaking Mandarin." He didn't add the 'yet' in. No reason.


"Why are you there?"

"I'm pretty sure I just said that, KyuHyun-ah. I'm getting my luggage."

"And why are you calling me?"

"I want you to send my other two turtles."

Dead silence meant he had time to get his bags from the locker and almost back to Geng's car. "Your turtles. Why?"

"Because Ddangkkoma has missed them long enough," Yesung said, matter of fact. "Can you just.. be careful and get them here? I'll email you the address."

"Sure, hyung. What about the rest of your stuff?"

"I'll get that next time I'm home. Thanks. Later."

Yesung hung up and turned off his phone, then got his suitcase into the trunk. "KyuHyun will send the other two," he said as he climbed in the car.

"You really don't mind this."

"I can fail at learning Mandarin as much as Japanese, and besides, I have a much better reason to learn it," Yesung told him. "It's why I came."

Geng shook his head. "You are either the bravest or the stupidest man I've ever met."

Yesung grinned at him. "Oh, both, I suspect." He leaned over and kissed Geng - and got kissed back. "Let's go home. The rest of everything can wait until tomorrow."

Geng smiled and put the car into gear. "Agreed," he said, and pulled away from the curb.
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FollowUrDestiny: HG02followurdestiny on December 15th, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
ahww... so sweet... <333 Ddangkkoma the ambassador XD between YeHan :D
hakkais_shadow: yehsungcheekshakkais_shadow on December 15th, 2010 11:10 pm (UTC)
This was very sweet, very touching, and very Yesung. I can just see him doing this and justifying every action. I was being rather random with my prompts and I'm so pleased with what you came up with. Thank you so much for writing it :)