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16 December 2010 @ 02:19 pm
Fic for verocity  
Title: An Adventure in Finding Each Other
For: verocity
Pairing: Donghae/Ryeowook
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Donghae wants to go on an adventure with Ryeowook. Somehow, it does and doesn’t go all as planned.
Author’s Notes: We’ll just stick this one firmly in the fluff category. Hope that’s to your liking.

Ryeowook sat inside the car, arms wrapped around his legs and shivering from the biting cold now that Donghae’s rental car was officially dead. Well, Donghae wasn’t ready to call his car officially dead which was why he was outside fussing with the engine in the wind and snow instead of in the car next to Ryeowook. With a sigh, Ryeowook started searching for his phone, or Donghae’s phone, and remembered something very important from that morning’s conversation.

”Hang on, hyung, let me grab my phone,” Ryeowook said. “In case someone needs to reach us.”

“No phones, Wookie! We’re going on an adventure that no one else is going to intrude on,” Donghae announced.

Wookie stopped and turned around. “What kind of adventure?”

“There’s a hot springs resort not far away where you can pet snow monkeys. We’re going to have fun with wild animals while relaxing and we’ll be back before dinner,” Donghae said with a grin.

“I guess, if we’re just going to a hot spring it should be okay,” Ryeowook relented. How much trouble could they possibly get in when they were just driving to a nearby hot spring?

Apparently, you could get into a lot of trouble when just going to a nearby hot spring if you didn’t actually know where you were going and couldn’t understand the car’s built in GPS unit. Ryeowook groaned and dropped his head onto his knees in exasperation.

A blast of cold air made Ryeowook jump and squeak as he turned to face Donghae.

“The car’s dead,” Donghae announced.

Ryeowook’s eye twitched slightly. “I could have told you that when it came to a stop without you hitting the brake,” he said.

“Do you know where we are?” Donghae asked. “Sorry, stupid question,” he added in response to Ryeowook’s annoyed look.

“Hyung, this is why we should have brought our phones,” Ryeowook whined.

“But we weren’t supposed to get lost. The guy at the hotel said it was really easy to get there,” Donghae said.

Ryeowook started to argue about why taking the opinion of some random guy in the hotel of a country they weren’t overly familiar with was a bad idea, but changed direction quickly. “Hyung, you’re shivering,” he said.

“It’s cold out there,” Donghae pouted. He tugged his jacket a little higher around his neck.

“I told you to stay in here with me,” Ryeowook pointed out. He shifted so he could put his arms around Donghae’s shoulders despite the awkward angle. Donghae buried his face in Ryeowook’s neck, drawing a sharp gasp when his very cold nose hit Ryeowook’s neck.

“Wookie, this is kind of awkward. Can we sit in back?” Donghae asked.

“We have to figure out how we’re going to get back to the hotel,” Ryeowook replied. Still, he let go of Donghae’s shoulders and managed to crawl into the back seat without getting out of the car. Donghae squirmed into the back seat with Ryeowook and promptly wrapped himself around his dongsaeng. “What are we going to do, hmm?”

“The others will come looking for us,” Donghae said confidently.

“How are they going to find us? We didn’t tell anyone where we’re going and we don’t have a phone to tell them where we are now,” Ryeowook pointed out. He tucked his hands into Donghae’s pockets so that their hands were pressed together for extra warmth.

“They’ll find the car. Since it has a GPS, it probably has a tracker that lets the rental company find it in case someone tries to steal it or something,” Donghae said.

Ryeowook shook his head, but didn’t say anything since it was pretty much a wait and see what happened state of things now. It would be better if they just tried to stay warm and not freeze.

“Hey, this wasn’t exactly what I planned, but I think it can still accomplish what I wanted it to,” Donghae announced after nearly three full minutes of silence.

Ryeowook blinked several times at the sudden declaration. “What was it supposed to accomplish? Something other than going to a hot spring?” he asked.

Donghae grinned and kissed Ryeowook full on the lips. When he pulled away Ryeowook was sputtering in confusion and surprise. “It’ll keep us warm, won’t it? If we kiss and hug and stay close like this which is what we were going to do at the hot spring.”

“I… you… huh?” Ryeowook asked.

“You don’t like the idea?” Donghae asked, smile faltering some.

Ryeowook started to say something and stopped. He took a minute to figure out a response before trying again. “I’m just confused when that became the plan, hyung,” he said carefully.

“Since always,” Donghae said. “Since we planned to come to Japan for the concert with a day off for fun.”

“But you didn’t tell me that was the plan,” Ryeowook replied.

“It was going to be a surprise, but it’s hard to make it a surprise when we’re stuck in a car,” Donghae said.

Ryeowook thought about arguing with Donghae’s logic and decided that it just wasn’t worth it. “Hyung, why was that your plan?”

Donghae tilted his head to the side and kissed Ryeowook’s cheek. “Because I like Wookie, that’s why,” he said.

Ryeowook blushed a little and moved so that he was nearly in Donghae’s lap, figuring they might as well take advantage of being alone while they could. Once they were back with the others it would be near impossible to find even a few minutes alone. “I guess it’s good I like hyung, too,” he whispered.

Donghae grinned and kissed Ryeowook again, hugging tight for more than just warmth.


Donghae and Ryeowook sat next to each other, fingers linked, as they were lectured at length for disappearing and making everyone worry about them. Donghae wasn’t listening, Ryeowook wasn’t taking it to heart, and both of them were more interested in going to bed where it was warm than listening much longer. After all, they had the room to themselves now that Sungmin was convinced he’d be seeing and or hearing things that he didn’t want to once the lights went out.
Pretentious fanfic writerverocity on December 18th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Eeeeeh!!! So cute <3

I wouldn't mind being trapped overnight with DongHae in a car in a foreign country even when it's cold out.

Thank you so much for writing this :D :D