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17 December 2010 @ 03:04 pm
Fic for sujuhappiness  
Summary:It was on his eighteenth birthday that he began to hear them.
Author’s Notes:it's been a bit since I'd last written SuJu, so I apologize if they seem OOC

It was on his eighteenth birthday that he began to hear them.

At first Hyukjae thought it was someone playing an elaborate prank on him. After all, Donghae had tried far worse in the past. When he realized that it was impossible, he thought he was going mad. Year by year, they got louder and louder, and with the louder volume came the clarity in the voices:





Watching the news one day, Hyukjae's attention was drawn by the news flash that popped up on the screen, talking of a man dying in a hit and run on the other end of the city. After that, it took no time at all to figure out what had been happening to him.

The voices had told him when the man would die.


Even more years passed, and with each, he watched more and more die. In the beginning, once he had figured it out, he had tried to stop it, but not a single soul believed him, thinking him insane. There were some, however, who he was able to keep from death, like those who would be involved in accidents. Other than that, however, Hyukjae had resigned himself to his fate of perpetual observer.


It was the eve of his twenty-fifth birthday when everything went silent. Physically recoiling at the almost whiplash effect the sudden quiet caused, Hyukjae looked around, not seeing a soul.

"So that's where it went..."

Jumping, he turned to see a man sitting on the bench a foot away. He was stretched out, ankles folded and muscular arms draped over the back of the bench. He was handsome, of that there was no doubt, but there was something darkly playful in his eyes as he looked Hyukjae over in a much similar fashion.

"Where what went?" he asked, for lack of anything else to say.

"The knowledge, kid. It's hard being a soul collector when I don't know the how, when, who, or why you know," he drawled, chuckling at the strange look he was getting. "What? You've never heard of a soul collector before?" The man sighed when the redhead shook his head slowly.

Getting to his feet, he crooked a finger and motioned for Hyukjae to come closer. "What's your name, kid?"

Blinking as he inexplicably felt himself move closer, he managed to answer the question posed. "Hyukjae. Lee Hyukjae."

"Hyukjae, eh? Well, I'm called Kangin. I'm more or less what you humans know as a grim reaper," the man stated.

Blinking, Hyukjae found himself just staring. "Yeah...okay, and I'm the Easter Bunny."

"Well, as cute as you are, a bunny you aren't. Want proof?" Kangin asked, smirk well in place. This human was quite amusing, and he had to admit that had never been much of a fan of the race. Without waiting for a response, Kangin snapped his fingers.

The second he did, the voices returned, startling Hyukjae at the suddenness. "H-how did you-"

"Tell me where the next death will take place," Kangin ordered, voice calm but authoritative.

Not knowing what else to do, Hyukjae found himself nodding as he listened, picking out the information he needed. "Three blocks away," he finally stated.


"One hour and three minutes."


"Kang JiYeon."



Once Hyukjae was finished, Kangin smiled, reaching up to ruffle his hair before grabbing his hand. With a yelp, he found himself being dragged down the street. "Yah! What're you doing?!" the redhead asked, panic and confusion settling into his voice.

"Giving you proof, of course," the 'collector' answered, not once looking back.

It took no longer than thirty minutes to find Kang JiYeon, a nineteen year old college student. The young woman was leaving school on her way to her acting class when they had arrived. Hyukjae, at a complete loss, just followed after Kangin, who seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

"Kangin sshi, what are we doing?" he asked quietly as they followed behind the girl.

"We're doing my job, Hyukkie, and drop the sshi. We only have five minutes left."

Sighing as he realized the situation was beyong his control, Hyukjae sat back and waited for what he knew would happen. Five minutes later, down to the last second, the two watched as Park JiYeon suddenly collapsed in the middle of the street, people flocking around her in a panic, one or four calling 119. Sighing as he watched yet another life end, he turned to Kangin only to see that he was alone.

Looking around frantically, he finally spotted the strange man walking over to the girl's body casually, hands in his pockets. About to yell out, Hyukjae paused, noticing that not a single soul seemed bothered when he crouched beside her and bent a finger, beckoning the girl to him. After a moment, JiYeon sat up slowly-how she did it while her body was still laying prone on the corner was beyond him-and looked around, eyes finally falling on Kangin.

He was too far away to hear what was being said, but he watched the myriad of emotions flash across her face:confusion, shock, panic, resignation, then acceptance. After the tense few minutes had passed, the two stood and walked over to Hyukjae, who rose to meet them.

"Well, time for me to head out, Hyukkie, but it was good doing business with you, kid," Kangin smirked, reaching out to ruffle his hair affectionately before handing him a card and a small chip. "Stick this to your phone and give me a buzz if you hear anything." Hyukjae took the card slowly and watched as the girl bowed deeply, hands overlapping in front of her, before the pair vanished before his eyes.


And he did.

Whenever he would get a definitive 'vision', he would call Kangin and the two would go to pick up the wayward soul. As it turned out, there were many soul collectors; one for each area. This, however, was the first time that the collector and his knowledge were apart.

"They're still looking into the reason behind it," Kangin had told him one night when he asked. "I'll let you know when they figure it out."

There were also times when Kangin would simply show up at his apartment door just to visit.

"The others are driving me batty," was his excuse.

That excuse stopped working, however, the day Hyukjae found himself pinned to the wall, Kangin's lips firmly against his own and him begging for more.


Things continued until the day Kangin showed up at his apartment in the dead of night. Something in the man's eyes gave Hyukjae pause, the now twenty-eight year old stepping aside to let the older man inside. He didn't say a word as he followed Kangin into the living room, uneasiness settling in the pit of his stomach.

"I-is something wrong?" Hyukjae asked, stammering slightly.

Kangin took a deep breath before turning back to pull Hyukjae into a tight hug. "You know I love you, right?" he murmured.

Hyukjae nodded his head. That had been a revalation revealed under the cover of night when Kangin had thought Hyukjae was asleep.

Tightening his hold that much more, Kangin pulled away and looked into the redhead's eyes, sadness clear. "We figured it out," he finally replied.

"What, how I have your knowledge?" Hyukjae asked, head tilted. When Kangin nodded slowly, he grew more confused. "How?"

There was a pause when Kangin motioned for him to follow. The two walked over to Hyukjae's bedroom door. Hesitating again, which only served to scare him more, Kangin slowly opened the door.

It was that moment that Hyukjae's heart stopped.

There he was, laying perfectly still under the covers; deathly still, in fact.

"You were sick. Ten years, to be precise," Kangin began to explain softly, wrapping an arm around Hyukjae's waist from behind as he continued to stare. "It was rare with very random symptoms, which is why you never knew."

Hyukjae could do nothing but nod his head slowly. Whetting his lips, he finally managed to speak, voice shaking. "How did you..."

"My superior. He sent me to retrieve you and bring you back with me."

"B-but why didn't I know...? I didn't hear anything..." Tears were starting to burn the back of his eyes as he tried to process the fact that he had died.

"One thing a soul collector never hears is his own death.," Kangin explained.

They remained as they were for some time before Hyukjae's body slumped into the firm one holding him up. "What now?" he finally asked as Kangin closed the door and led him away.

"Now I bring you back. My superior is waiting to assign us officially as a team." At Hyukjae's stunned expression, Kangin laughed quietly. "My knowledge is entwined with your soul. It can't be separated."

Hyukjae simply stood there, looking from his closed door to Kangin before smiling. "I suppose that we'll be seeing a lot of each other, huh?"

Kangin could only chuckle before pulling Hyukjae into a deep kiss. "You could say that again."
sujuhappinesssujuhappiness on December 18th, 2010 02:40 am (UTC)
Thank you^^ I really liked this. it is perfect^^ The fact that Kangin's powers were now intertwined with Hyukie ensured there future, they must be the lucky ones who meet and can stay together.