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sjrarepairings's Journal

Super Junior Rare Pairing Fic/Art Exchange
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Description and Rules

Everyone knows that there’s no short supply of the standard OTPs in the Super Junior fandom. However, the rarer pairings are, well, rare. How many times have you gotten in a mood for a specific pairing only to check the tags and come up with nothing but the SuJu100 prompts or with something other than what you were hoping for? If you’re a fan of those rare pairings, this semi-anonymous challenge is the one for you. Request rare pairings and get a rare pairing fic or art work in return.


1. No fic or art rated above R. This is to make life easier on the mods so that we don’t have to police ages.

2. Pairings only. Meaning, two people. Not three, four, five, etc.

3. If you sign up you are agreeing to produce fic/art for the person you are assigned. Do not flake on us. We will glare and/or pout. You will also be banned from round 4. You may retry in round 5.

4. Please have someone beta-read your fic. If you can't find someone then at least make sure you go over it a couple times before submission.

5. This is a semi-anonymous challenge. You will know who you’re writing for, but you will not know who is writing for you.

6. Fic submissions should be 1,000 words minimum. There is no upper limit, but make sure it is a 100% finished fic when you turn it in. Art can be black and white or color, but it should be nicely done, i.e. no stick figures.

7. E-mail fics and art to sjrarepairings@gmail.com with your LJ username somewhere in the subject or body of the e-mail by December 3rd.

8. If you have a problem regarding the challenge please contact the mods via PM (dizzy_grace or andersenmom) or e-mail ASAP.

9. Please respect the wishes of your requester. We will be doing our best to match people up. If somehow we screw up and you get something you absolutely can’t complete, let us know immediately.

10. Please do not post your fic/art until after the reveals have gone up.

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Credit for the idea to wiccanlilly and her wonderful potcrackxchange which without the success of I wouldn't have the guts to try this in another fandom.

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